2015: Dan Boardman, C elegan


2015: Dan Boardman, C elegan

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Dan Boardman
C elegan
Archival inkjet print, 10 x 12 1/2" image on 11 x 14" paper
Edition of 30

Includes 15 x 18 inch archival white mat
Framed: 16 x 20 inches

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Since 2013 Dan Boardman has created work by combining photography, drawing, and modified camera techniques pioneered in special effects for early cinema. The result of this method is an image made completely in camera through a series of cardboard masks cut out and placed in front of the negative while shooting. This multiple layering creates an image unbound from one specific time or place. The finished pieces takes weeks or months, and can be comprised of hundreds of single exposures. While we usually think of photography as showing us one fixed point in space and time, Boardman’s process creates images that show multiple moments simultaneously, with images of nature and organic forms that evoke the feeling of a constant life cycle.

Dan Boardman is a visual artist living in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was born in Ontario, California, and grew up in Central New York. He is a 2013 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellow. His work has recently been exhibited at The Bakalar & Paine Galleries in Boston, MA, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, and The Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts. His publishing company Houseboat Press has recently exhibited at The Aperture Gallery in New York City and at Off-Print in Paris, France.