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Past Present Future: Western Pennsylvania's People and places

JUNE 27 - SEPTEMBER 2, 2017

Silver Eye celebrates its grand reopening and move to the Penn Avenue Arts District in the Bloomfield-Garfield neighborhood with an exhibition that explores and celebrates the history, current moment, and future of photography in Pittsburgh.

This expansive survey exhibition celebrates photographic landscapes and portraits of Western Pennsylvania, spanning over 100 years of image making in the region. The exhibition features the work of over 40 artists and is presented in a nonlinear salon style. Past Present Future creates visual connections between the images and traditions of iconic giants of mid 20th century photography like W. Eugene Smith, Esther Bubley, and Duane Michals and contemporary artists making work today throughout the region. With over 100 photographs and videos, Past Present Future makes visible the overwhelming and complex changes that have occurred in Western Pennsylvania through industrial and demographics shifts over the years. Despite these changes, there is a persistent and timeless beauty in the hills, valleys, and people of the region. This exhibition is a celebration of that beauty and the talented artists who have worked to capture it over the years.

Past Present Future also includes work from several young neighborhood artists through our partnership with Assemble. Middle school aged artists, working with Silver Eye Fellowship 17 winner Francis Crisafio, have created stunning and revealing self-portraits through photography and collage. Silver Eye is proud to present these images as a part of the future of photography in Pittsburgh.


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Sue Abramson
Karen Antonelli
L.S. Baker
Morris Berman
Charles Biddle
Aaron Blum
Charlee Brodsky
Pamela Z. Bryan
Esther Bubley
Charles Burlingham
Sean Carroll
Melissa Catanese
Matthew L. Conboy
Selden I. Davis


Aaronel deRoy Gruber
Stephen Grebinski
Clyde Hare
Charles "Teenie" Harris
Stephen Joyce
Christine Holtz & Lauren S. Zadikow
Ross Mantle
Pete Marovich
Duane Michals
Heather M. Mull
Njaimeh Njie
Ross Nugent
Ed Panar
Robert Raczka

Martha Rial
W. Eugene Smith
Stephen Speranza
Ivette Spradlin
PF Squier
Maranie Staab
Sean Stewart
Luke Swank
Kevin Francis Sweeney
Justin Visnesky
Dylan Vitone
William D. Wade
Alfred Watson
Dan Wetmore

Image credits: (top) Ed Panar, June 2014, from the series City Atlas, 2014/2017. Gallery images courtesy of Sean Carroll.