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Continuum: Doug DuBois & Aaron Blum

Continuum: Doug DuBois and Aaron Blum explored the bond between mentors and influences in contemporary photography, and those times in an artist's formative development when a special teacher or person changed everything for them. This exhibition focused on one such mentor-mentee relationship -- that between Doug DuBois and Aaron Blum. Each artist was represented by selections from their most recent projects. Doug DuBois' My Last Day at Seventeen is about coming of age in a housing estate in Cobh, County Cork on the southwest coast of Ireland, during the current economic downturn. This was the first time that My Last Day at Seventeen had been exhibited outside of Ireland. Aaron Blum's Born and Raised is a series of portraits of his family and friends as well as landscapes and interior scenes taken in his hometown of New Martinsville, a small rural community in the Appalachian range of West Virginia.