Oct 25

A is for Aperture: Photographs by Regional Educators

The photographers in this exhibition balance the arts of mentoring and creating. Guest Curator Sue Abramson included the following image-makers in this exhibition: Karen Antonelli, Art Institute of Pittsburgh; Charlee Brodsky, Carnegie Mellon University; Angeliki Georgiou, Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild; Richard Hurst, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts; Karen Kaighin, The Ellis School; Jen Saffron, University of Pittsburgh ; Richard Stoner, Saint Vincent College; and Kaoru Tohara, Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

Aug 16

Fellowship 2003: Photographs by Sue Stepusin

The recipient of Silver Eye’s 2003 Fellowship award was Sue Stepusin of Venetia, Pennsylvania. Stepusin’s black and white images documented the animals of her world including horses, cats, dogs and ducks. The juror was Laura Hoptman, Curator of Contemporary Art, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, PA.

May 31

Silent Spring: Silver Eye Honors Rachel Carson

This group exhibition paid tribute to author Rachel Carson, known for celebrating the natural world. Rachel Carson grew up in Springdale, northwest of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along the Allegheny River. With encouragement from her mother she took a deep interest the bountiful natural surroundings of Western Pennsylvania.

Jan 18

Another Africa: Photographs by Robert Lyon

Another Africa was presented through a unique collaboration with The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild. The exhibition included more than 50 large-scale color photographs of the African landscape and people, taken over the last decade.

Oct 26

Along the Ohio: Photographs by Andrew Borowiec

This exhibition included more than 50 black and white photographs that reflected the post-industrial landscape along the banks of the great river where Borowiec discovered “not only depression and decay, but also endurance and hope.”

Aug 17

Fellowship 2002: Photographs by Kerry Stuart Coppin

Silver Eye’s 2002 Fellowship winner was Kerry Stuart Coppin of Bal Harbor, Florida. Coppin’s images were drawn from both Africa and Cuba and presented fresh and lyrical panoramic insights into both the land and the people he encountered during his travels. The juror was William Earle Williams, Professor of Fine Arts and Curator of Photography at Haverford College, Haverford, Pennsylvania.

Jun 1

ASSIGNMENT: Six Pittsburgh Photographers

The artists in this exhibition – Ed Barbour, Lynn Johnson, Richard Kelly, Andrea London, Dennis Marsico, and Mark Perrott – photograph for magazines and journals as diverse as National Geographic, Fortune, Parenting, and Travel & Leisure. This exhibition provided them with the opportunity of responding to a self-imposed assignment.

Feb 23

Brazil Without Frontiers

Five Brazilian photographers searched for different lifestyles along the continental borders of South America’s largest country.

Nov 24

Pittsburgh Collects Photographs

This exhibition grew out of a desire to recognize, and indeed celebrate, the many private and public collections in Pittsburgh that cherish photography.

Jul 28

Fellowship 2001: Photographs by Susan Dunkerley

The recipient of Silver Eye’s 2001 Fellowship competition was Susan Dunkerley, of Waco, Texas. Dunkerley’s images presented poetic and layered visual descriptions of everyday scenes. The juror was Jean Caslin, Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography.

May 5

Creatures: Henry Horenstein

Internationally celebrated photographer Henry Horenstein’s newest body of work captured humorous, stunning segments of animals, many of which created a visual puzzle for the viewers.

Jan 27

Ansel Adams: Photographs from the Polaroid Collection

Ansel Adams, probably the most famous photographer in the world, was a close friend and colleague of Edwin Land, who invented Polaroid. This exhibition celebrated the special relationship that existed between these two men, and included stellar enlargements as well as one-of-a-kind small black-and-white landscape images from the days when Adams served as a consultant to Polaroid Corporation.

Oct 28

Digital Frontiers: Photography's Future at Nash Editions

This exhibition was organized and circulated by The International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House in Rochester, New York and presented a selection of cutting-edge Iris inkjet prints from the studio of Graham Nash. A comment from this famous musician explains his interest: “As the electric guitar determined a new direction in music and cultural attitudes in the ‘50s, I believe computers and interactive media will shape the visual art in the future.”

Aug 5

Point of View: Photographs of Albanians by Martha Rial and Jim Stone

Martha Rial was a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staff photographer who won the 1998 Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography. Jim Stone was an Assistant Professor of Photography at the University of New Mexico. This exhibition presented two distinct ways of capturing Albania in the 1990s.

May 6

Fellowship 2000: Photographs by Elijah Gowin

Silver Eye’s 2000 Fellowship award winner was Elijah Gowin of Alexandria, Virginia. Gowin’s images were lyrical and evocative views of his surroundings. The juror was Jeffrey Hoone, Director of Light Work, Syracuse, New York.

Feb 26

The Photographs of James VanDerZee

James VanDerZee (1886-1983) was the most prominent African-American photographer of the Twentieth century. This exhibit showcased his portraits of black New Yorkers, illustrating why he was the most comprehensive documentarian of the Harlem Renaissance.